T- Magazine, The Greats  2017 / New York Times

Photographed director Park Chan-wook at the Ganghwa Anglican Church  in Incheon. Ganghwa Anglican Church built in 1906 by British bishop Mark N. Trollope, It is an early Christian church-style building in Korea. Mixed with Korean-style house and Chuch(basilica)

“ Oh Suk Kuhn is best known for his series, begun in 2006, starring two models in giant dolls’ heads — figures based on Chulsoo and Younghee, characters from a popular series of children’s books. The resulting tableaus depict scenes of trauma from his countrymen’s childhoods. For this portrait of Park, seen here in front of the Ganghwa Anglican Church on Ganghwa Island (about an hour outside of Seoul), the artist employed similar heads. Credit : Oh Suk Kuhn. Bat made by Kim Soohwan. Extras: Baek Seungkee, Choi Yoonjae, Lee Haein, Lee Jihyang, Park Sojin, Shin Yejoo. Photo assistant: Kim Honghee “